BIANCA Impex Company Ltd. was founded in summer 2011. Our company is engaged in import and subsequent sale of jewelry (retail and wholesale). On we offer the best quality of goods. Our intention was to come on market not with the lower price, which means low quality. Our jewelry is made of quality material- stainless steel 316L (surgical steel),rhodium coated silver 925 which protect the sueface of the jewelry. (more info) Quality of our goods was personally checked by producers, who also use crystals- SWAROVSKI, CZ (cubic zirconia). We offer goods for all ages and not only for women but also for men. We bring not only beauty and brilliance in our jewellry, but also magnetic therapy, which is known for its positive effects on the human body, hidden in magnetic jewelry.(more info)

BIANCA impex s.r.o.
Registered in OR OS Trnava, vložka číslo 27749/T, section Sro
date of registration: 29. 6. 2011

IČO: 46 237 194
DIČ: 202 329 5901
IČ DPH: SK202 329 5901
Bank account: 2906576451/0200
IBAN: SK85 0200 0000 0029 0657 6451
cell phone: 0915 896 956, 0911 644 646