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Magnetic therapy is one of alternative medicine. No side effects help with: migraine, back pain and joint pain, depression, fatigue and malaise, rheumatism, arthritis, arthritis, menstrual pain, poor blood circulation, regulate blood pressure.

As in almost every case of alternative medicine, many doctors are always skeptical. Thus, recently conducted a study on the effectiveness of magnetic therapy. These have shown that this form of alternative medicine has better effects than previously thought. The study focused primarily on the use of magnetic therapy as an alternative pain relief and at least three separate studies have shown positive results. One, which was published in the journal "Archives of Physical Medicine", and rehabilitation carried out in "Baylor College of Medicine" in Houston found that magnetic therapy is effective and provides relief from pain. The study uses a combination of real and fake magnets to show whether it was just a placebo effect, or whether they do have a magnet effect. In this study, only 18 to 20% of patients treated with placebo-magnet showed relief from pain, but if it was real magnets to 76 -80%!

The results of this study shows that not all forms of alternative medicine is "wishful thinking". In fact, many traditional medical practitioners now apply alternative forms of treatment, including magnetic therapy to many patients. Benefits of magnetic therapy to relieve pain are clear and most importantly, it is because it avoids the side effects of drug abuse. In some cases, magnetic therapy has proven to be more effective than medication, which is why further research is under way this form of alternative medicine.

Recommendation: Wear the magnets in a place where you have pain. In the case of magnetic bracelets to ease the pain from the shoulder to the fingers, but thanks to acupuncture points on the wrist and get the necessary energy. If you wear a magnetic necklace, ease pain, especially neck and also relieves you from headaches. The fingers also have acupuncture points and hence the wearing of rings will have its benefits. You should experiment for yourself and see where magnetic jewelry for you to best effect. Wearing magnetic accessories has undesirable side effects and therefore you can wear them constantly, even during sleep and those that are made from high quality 316L surgical steel marked, they do not put off even when kúpete. Constant wear enhances their effect.

Warning: Magnetic jewelry and tools are not sold as medical aid or replace prescribed medication. Do not use magnetic jewelry if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker or any electronic implant.